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Descaling Solution

Halefresh highly concentrated descaling solution that removes all the limescale from your machine. Commercial or Home use in coffee and espresso machines, kettles and water boilers, and more with 4 – 16 uses per bottle.

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What On Earth is Descaling Solution?

Descaling solution is simply a cleaning solution made with citric acid (in our case) for breaking down mineral deposits on or inside appliances or equipment that is in contact with water. Calcium and other minerals in your water precipitate out of the water and typically form a white film, which builds up over time, on everything from coffee and espresso machines to hot water kettles to dishes. 

Our descaling solution uses citric acid to break down these deposits and remove them from your appliances and/or dishes. There are many companies who design proprietary formulas to try and grab a larger share of the market, and we’ve also tried that, but citric acid provides a cost effective and relatively environmentally friendly descaling solution.

Limescale Buildup In a Water Kettle

Your coffee machine likely has the same type of buildup, which affect the coffee taste and machine operation. This can mean a slow machine, lukewarm coffee, and taste that leaves you wondering what happened.

Descaling solution effectively removes these limescale deposits.

Limescale building in a kettle, showing before and after descaling with Halefresh citric acid.

What is Hard and soft water?

Hard water has higher concentrations of iron, calcium, magnesium, etc, and leaves behind a trail of ugliness when appliances, surfaces and dishes aren’t thoroughly and quickly cleaned and dried. It is also much harder on everything because the mineral deposits are abrasive and very hard, and can ruin everything from your coffee machine to your car’s paint job to your dishes. Hard water actually feels abrasive on your skin and when you drink it. Despite what the water treatment companies claim in their marketing literature that’s designed to rev up your engines, hard water is mainly a giant nuisance and not a health hazard. Big difference between those two.

Soft water simply lacks higher concentrations of these minerals and feels “squishy” and perhaps “slippery” on your skin. I grew up with hard water and thought that’s just how water is. When using soft water the first time I was shocked at how it seemed the soap couldn’t be scrubbed off. I quickly realized skin that wasn’t dried out was a nice bonus, and dishes weren’t cloudy, and water spots on the car were greatly reduced. This did not translate to my coffee machine because I like the taste of coffee made with water that has at least some minerals in it and do NOT use softened water. Sooooo, I found citric acid is a fabulous cleaning/descaling agent and far superior to vinegar in every way.

Halefresh Descaling Solution

You’ve got the bare basics, and you obviously want a product that’s going to work well. That’s where Halefresh comes in. The descaling solution is highly concentrated and consists of citric acid and purified water. Citric acid is typically made from sugarcane, corn, or even sugar beets and is safe to use in food, candy, cleaning, preservation, ph balancing, etc, etc.

We basically wanted to make a solution as potent as possible so you wouldn’t need a lot. We were a little limited as the concentration couldn’t be too high or it would adversely effect the production equipment and would also become a problem to ship.

We feel the unique bottle provides a convenient and precise means to measure the descaling solution for each application. We think this means you’ll be more likely to use our product because it’s easier to use and more cost effective than the competition.

Halefresh descaling solution is a high-performance, universal product that can be used on all coffee machines, espresso machines, kettles, etc. Basically anything that heats up water and is prone to hard water deposits. Use it at the cafe, office or at home – with ease! You can get anywhere from 8 to 16 used per bottle! This means you’ll be ordering less often, but if you like it the hope is that you’ll tell everyone else about it. 🙂

How Often should you descale/clean?

This is very subjective as water hardness varies all over the United States. Some areas require very little cleaning as the water is naturally low in minerals that form limescale, and people in other areas find limescale an exceedingly annoying fact of life.

Typically, if you have soft water you may only need to clean every 6 months, whereas someone in Minnesota may need to descale every month to stay ahead of the limescale monster. That’s just where we are and sometimes we cry ourselves to sleep because of this, and for other reasons. It’s actually not that bad.

If you’re not sure simply check your coffee pot, dishwasher, or dishes. If your coffee pot is cloudy or your dishwasher is full of disgusting limescale deposits, or your clear dishes are cloudy, that’s a pretty good indicator you have hard water. Or, perhaps your coffee maker is sloooow and the coffee lukewarm. That’s also usually a good indicator the lines are stuffed with limescale.

Basic descaling/cleaning instructions

If you have never descaled we recommend you start with 2oz of solution. If you KNOW you have hard water and have never cleaned, start with 4oz of descaling solution in the reservoir.

For your typical drip coffee maker, simply add 2 oz of Halefresh descaling solution to the machine water reservoir and fill it the rest of the way with cold water. Put a new filter in the basket and turn on the machine. When liquid starts coming out shut if off. After 10 minutes restart the machine and run everything in the reservoir through the machine. If you have visible sediment, you can recycle the used solution and do another cleaning cycle. Some customers report doing 3-4 descaling cycles before the sediment stops.

When done cleaning rinse the reservoir, coffee filter basket and coffee pot, and fill the reservoir with cold water. Start the machine and let all the water run through. Repeat this twice. IF you notice any weird taste we recommend another rinse cycle. If this doesn’t take are of the problem, do another cleaning cycle with the descaling solution.

Interested in Making Your Own Descaling Solution?

When your Halefresh descaling solution bottle is empty, you can reuse it by mixing your own solution! When the bottle gets worn, or you simply want a shiny new one, just recycle it and order another bottle of Halefresh descaling solution.

CAUTION: This is similar to the concentrated formula we use, so don’t splash! AVOID contact with skin and eyes. Check the SDS link below for safety measures.

You can purchase 3lb pouches of citric acid here.

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