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Descaling Solution

Halefresh descaling solution – coffee machine cleaner – remove all the limescale from your machine – use it in the office or at home – 100% natural – universal product that can be used on all coffee machines, kettles, water boilers, etc – Up to 8 uses per bottle.

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This 100% natural product made with citric acid and water gives you the power to fully clean your machine! It is all-natural but obviously you should avoid contact with skin and eyes as it is very acidic! Citric acid is used in everything from candy and drinks to cosmetics and cleaning products.

This is a high-performance, universal product that can be used on all coffee machines, espresso machines, kettles, etc. Basically anything that heats up water and is prone to hard water deposits. Use it at the cafe, office or at home – with ease! Exclusive! 8 Uses per bottle! Our product ‘goes further’ and saves you money – 100% foolproof!

Halefresh Descaling Solution is for every coffee lover who needs to clean their machines, but struggles to find an effective, all natural remover of limescale deposits. It is recommended that coffee-machines are cleaned at least once a month. Coffee just won’t taste as good as it could without a machine that is clean. What’s more, your coffee machine life will be compromised without regular cleaning because limescale can plug up the water lines.

So, if you’re a coffee lover and who wants a perfectly clean machine, but have struggled to find a natural and effective remover of limescale, Halefresh Descaling Solution is the answer you’ve been looking for!

Click Here to download the descaling solution SDS.

Interested In Making Your Own Descaling Solution?

When your Halefresh descaling solution bottle is empty, you can reuse it by mixing your own solution! When the bottle gets worn, or you simply want a shiny new one, just recycle it and get another bottle of Halefresh descaling solution.
CAUTION: This is the same concentrated formula we use, so don’t splash it anywhere! Check the SDS prior to mixing.
Step 1. Using a dry funnel, add 8oz (1/2lb) of citric acid to the Halefresh Descaling Solution bottle main chamber.
Step 2. Fill to the 16oz line (going a little over is fine) with room temperature water. Use RO (reverse osmosis), distilled, or deionized water.
Step 3. Make sure the lids are securely tightened and shake bottle until the citric acid is dissolved, and presto, you’re done!
Step 4. Use this mixture as you normally would for descaling everything. You can purchase citric acid on the Halefresh website.

You can purchase 3lb pouches of citric acid here.

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