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Citric Acid – 45lb (1lb Bulk Pack)

Pure citric acid with no additives is great for bath bombs, as a cleaner, descaling, water softening, rust removal, and toilet bombs. It’s fantastic for cheese making, candy making, wine making and other food uses. The super tough, resealable pouch is high-barrier and will keep your citric acid dry and safe.

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The 45lb bulk pack is a fantastic option for anyone who’s using volume, and doesn’t want to open a 50lb bag. Halefresh premium citric acid is 100% pure with no fillers or anti-caking agents. The tough, multi-layer pouches include a tear-off tab and re-sealable zipper.

Water Softening and Laundry
Citric acid’s properties as a weak organic acid make it a powerful water softener. It breaks down the trace amounts of metal found in water, and is an ideal all-natural choice for treating hard water. You can also add citric acid to home-made laundry detergent if you have extremely hard water.

Mix citric acid with water to use as an inexpensive descaling solution for your coffee maker. This is an effective version of Keurig’s descaling solution in a bottle. We typically mix a tablespoon per 2 cups of water, but your results may differ. If your dishes are becoming cloudy, add a tablespoon to the prewash for sparkling results.

Household Cleaning with Citric Acid
Many all-natural kitchen and bathroom cleaners, contain citric acid to help clean hard water stains and kitchen and pantry messes. The pleasant citrusy smell works well as a deodorizer. It is commonly used to clean mineral deposits from shower doors, sinks and toilets. Toilet bombs are also great for removing crud.

Citric Acid Bath Bombs
You can make your own bathbomb — fizzy, effervescent bath soap/salt— using citric acid. The citric acid is completely safe to use in the bathtub. The “Alka Seltzer-like” fizzy effect is caused by the citric acid reacting with the water and other ingredients of the bomb, such as baking soda and fragrances.

Citric Acid as a Food Additive
It is an effective organic approved preservative found on food/drink labels as “E330.” Halechem citric acid is popular with cheese making, canning, and wine making. You won’t need much of the concentrated solution to be effective.

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